The mattress where you don't sink you float.

Colchon Sublime

Discover Sublime

We developed the SUBLIME mattress by offering two side comfort,
SOFT side recommended for colder climates and
FIRM side recommended for warmer climates or prefered added SUPPORT.

In other mattresses you sink.
In SUBLIME you don't sink but are suspended, resulting in a complete rest.
The floating sensation is what makes the SUBLIME mattress
the best comfort experience

Other Memory foam mattresses give the feeling of being immersed
and it reduces the ability of movement and comfort.
The experience of comfort comes from the feeling of being suspended or floating.

Sublime Mattress

How did we develop the SUBLIME mattress?


Two different comfort surfaces:
Soft or Firm
give two different comfort experiences.
How do you want to rest today?
You decide!
Just turn for a softer or firmer feel.

Roll & GO

Sublime is delivered rolled in a box.
Just open the box, unroll and
wait less than 5 minutes for decompression.

Climate Control

Soft for cold weather and for people that prefer softer feel with SUPPORT.
Firm for warmer climates or for people that prefer firmer surfaces.

Air Flow

Fabric is breathable and foam is made with fine cell structure to allow airflow and rebound.



Elevate the comfort level of your SUBLIME mattress
or improve the comfort of you current mattress
by placing on top our topper.
The topper is designed to improve the comfort experience.

Sublime Mattress

Sublime King Size Comfort System

Customize your comfort experience

The SUBLIME King Size mattress includes two independent units
each with the ability to provide two different resting surfaces, soft or firm.
Simply turn your mattress!
The King Size mattress includes a topper to improve the comfort experience.


A few of our comments reactions that have
had the Sublime mattress for over a year...


Best mattress I ever had. I have a bad back, the first night I slept in this mattress is the first night I slept without pain. I highly recommend this mattress. I been sleeping on it more than a year and still love it. Best rest I have had.

Mary Ann Smith / 60 year old women

I had a memory foam mattress and at first it felt great, but after six months of sleeping in it I felt increasingly tired of the inmersed feeling and felt so hot. Also I hated that I could not move in the bed, it was like I was drowning, I had the sublime mattress for over a year and feel incredible, I have added energy, I sleep incredibly well, and loved that I can change the comfort side. I have a king size mattress and I sleep on the firm side and my wife sleeps on the soft side. We both love the product.

Richard O'Donell

I love my mattress, it keeps me cool in the winter, I love the firm side and I never slept better.

Will Miller.